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katlyn. 17. lesbian. garden state.

I've found myself. There's faith in love. Basic bitches can't compete 🌸

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever been serenaded?

Yes I have. Weird time in my life

Anonymous asked: Short shorts? But don't you wear short shorts....

I’m a hypocritical lesbian . Idk

Anonymous asked: Have you ever hooked up with a hot chick at a party?

Lol who the fuck hasn’t

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been stalked?

Yes I have actually

Anonymous asked: What's a basic bitch to you?

Starbucks, short shorts, or someone who is someone other than themselves just to impress others or keep their “image”

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Anonymous asked: Don't listen to that anon, you're fucking sexy ass hell! I wish I could have a body like yours!

Haha thanks I didn’t really take it to heart I get it a lot

Anonymous asked: Why are you so skinny? You need to eat

I eat more than a elephant what.

Anonymous asked: Well, shit! You're so fucking hot!

Haha thank you 💞💪